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The Chicago Marathon 2015 and an Asheville Innkeeper (Me!)

Posted on by Susan Murray


Watch for me to add to this collection!

Watch for me to add to this collection!

That’s right.  This Asheville Innkeeper is training to run in the 2015 Chicago Marathon!

How did this come about?  Last year James and I ran in the Asheville Half Marathon.  Running is not James’ thing but I loved the training and the race so when our daughter, Emily, suggested we try to get spots in the Chicago Marathon I blithely said yes.  Part of me thought that there was no way both she and I (and her boyfriend, Tom) would get in through the lottery and part of me wanted to get in so that I would have to rise to the challenge.

Well we did get in and I am at the end of the first week of my training program.  I seriously doubt that I can add much to the vast number of blogs and articles about “My Marathon Experience”.  Nevertheless, training gives the runner a lot (a LOT) of time to think while logging in the miles and as a writer I find myself thinking about things I would like to share with an audience.  Some of them are things about our inn, the Carolina Bed & Breakfast; some of them are things about Asheville and our life in Western North Carolina; and some of them are things about me, running and the entire marathon experience.

As I said, much of it may not be new or even very interesting but I did think it would be fun to share a few of my thoughts as I go through this process so here goes!

They  say that running a marathon is as much about the mental challenge as it is about the physical challenge and I have to agree.  The interesting thing for me has been identifying what my mental challenge is. It took some bad runs and some anxiety for me to get there but I think I know.  For me the mental challenge is to rein in my competitiveness.  I am pretty sure I can complete the marathon as long as I remember that is my goal and that is all. I don’t need to try and keep up with my daughter (as if I could).  I don’t need to prove anything to anyone.  I just need to run 26 miles.  And if that means I run a mile then walk a tenth of a mile throughout the whole race then that is fine. It doesn’t matter who passes me or what someone else might think if I am walking.  This is my race and I have to be aware of what I need to do to make it happen.  Because that is how I can go the distance.

And just for the reference–I am not the first one to discover this.  But I did have to discover it for myself!

That’s all for this posting.  I am going to try and keep these short.  Hopefully I will also find time to write about some other aspects of innkeeping and  life in Asheville!

Small Blonde Mom will have to go it alone on this one!

Small Blonde Mom will have to go it alone on this one!

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