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Blind Pig Supper Club Dinner in Asheville, NC

Posted on by Susan Murray

Blind Pig MenuGuerrilla Cuisine Underground Chef Collaborative:

Menu Undisclosed

Location Undisclosed

4 Chefs, 6 Courses

September 28, 2014

This was all the information there was when the invitation to buy tickets to the September Blind Pig Supper Club Dinner appeared in my in-box. I was so excited, I bought the tickets right away!  It was a day or two later when I learned the four chefs were Ivan Candido (The Admiral) and  Todd Woods (Seven Sows Bourbon and Larder) from Asheville, and Nate Whiting (492) and Shane Whidden ( formerly at Union Provision) from Charleston.

As time went on, I learned where it was to take place (Seven Sows) and why (it is a benefit for James McCue Campbell who was born in January 2014 with his stomach, liver and kidneys on the outside of his body). I knew there would be music (Jazz Pianist Michael Jefry Stevens) and special Bourbon Cocktails. But no word on the menu or even the concept which, since it is a BYOB dinner, made it difficult to chose the wine.

The Blind Pig Supper Club is an underground restaurant which offers a unique gastronomical experience to its diners.  Chefs plan a menu around a theme, find a location and for one night only create a “restaurant”.  The Asheville Blind Pig Club is unique in that they also tie in  local art and entertainment and the proceeds from the meals are given to a local cause. The tickets sell out quickly and I have been trying to get a ticket for quite a while now.

I have to admit I was a little nervous as we entered the restaurant.  The room was packed and noisy and full of people who all seemed to know each other.  James and I managed to find a place at a table, secured two “Mighty Mac” Bourbon Cocktails (Heaven Hill Bourbon, Blackberry, Lemon, Lime, Basil and Sparkling Wine:  yum!), and sat down to meet our table-mates.  In spite of my fears that they would be intimidating foodies, they turned out to be a pleasant mix of locals and friends of the Campbells who were there to support the family.  One of my favorite things about dinners like this in Asheville are the interesting people we meet.

And the food was divine!  If you read my blog then you know that as a part of our “job” at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast we try to keep up with the food scene in Asheville as much as possible.  We have been to a number of pop-up dinners as well as  being frequent diners at the Chef’s Challenges.  This meal blew all the others away.  I don’t know if it was the friendly competition between the Charleston and Asheville chefs, the chefs’ ability to choose the menu and their desire to stretch the limits, or just good luck, but from the opening course of Cauliflower Mousse with Curried Chips right through the South Carolina Quail, the grilled Spanish Octopus, the Shrimp and Popcorn Butter Gnocchi, the Suckling Pig, down to the in-name-only Apple Pie, everything was delicious.  And even more impressive, every plate came to us hot and fresh from the kitchen.  This is a feat which is not easily achieved when serving more than 100 diners all at once.

I can’t wait for the next dinner.  If you would like to try the experience, you can purchase tickets on their website.  But beware, you won’t know what you are getting until you get there!

Apple Pie in name only: a molecular gastronomy treat!

Apple Pie in name only: a molecular gastronomy treat!

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