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Sunrise above Asheville: An Innkeeper’s Marathon

Posted on by Susan Murray

Training Week two

This week had the first of the longer runs in the training cycle:  nine miles on Saturday.  It also coincided with the onset of some seriously hot summer weather.  Running between the hours of 9:30-3:30 (my windows of “free” time) was out of the question.  Thunderstorms and rain took the evenings away which meant I was getting up at 5AM so I could be out and back in time to cook and serve breakfast at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast.  No one said this would be easy! But the reward was being high in the mountains as the sun rose over Asheville.

This run took me back into an area seldom seen by tourists or casual visitors to Asheville. Lakeview Park and nearby Beaver Lake are both located in North Asheville in a polished residential area.  I have heard a number of stories about how the area came to be developed.  The most reliable being that Beaver Lake was created in 1923 by the noted landscape architect and urban planner, John Nolen.  He also designed the Lakeview Park Residential area so this makes sense. Under three feet of water in the lake lie forgotten trolley tracks from a time when residents of the city took a trolley out to Weaverville to escape the “hustle and bustle” of Asheville.  In the 1980′s a 10 acre bird sanctuary was created saving the land and lake from a threatened strip mall.

While this is not in any sense a tourist attraction, the park and lake are pleasant to run through and are reached after a hilly jog past the Grove Park Inn and the golf course of the Asheville Country Club. (Needless to say, the homes in this area are also very impressive.) The experience of running past the lake as the mist was rising off of it and the sun was rising over the mountains is something I will always remember.

Beaver lake




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