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Asheville Round Up

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If you didn’t already know it, I broke my ankle July 1.  While it feels a lot better, I am still wearing a big, bulky boot and using crutches to get around.  Needless to say this has curbed my ability … Continue reading

Asheville Restaurants: Off the Beaten Track

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Our town has restaurants.  Lots and lots of restaurants and many of them are very good.  So when we are giving suggestions to guests at our Bed and Breakfast in Asheville, we generally send them downtown where they can make … Continue reading

Your CSA Basket: Tips and tricks

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Firstly, you all know you can win a trip to the Carolina Bed & Breakfast in Asheville, North Carolina by entering our “Oh My CSA!” recipe contest, right?  Well, if you didn’t know that before, you do now!  It’s easy: … Continue reading

Road Tripping– Off the GPS!

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Nine inches of rain in Asheville since July 3rd, coupled with my inability to get around due to my ankle injury, has made me distinctly grumpy.  After doing what I can to help at our Asheville Bed  and Breakfast I’ve … Continue reading

The Ups and Downs of Innkeeping

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It’s been almost four years since James and I bought our Bed and Breakfast in Asheville, NC.  It’s been a steady learning curve for both us.  In the early days we did everything: cleaned the rooms, shopped, cooked, manned the … Continue reading