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Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains–A Cautionary Tale

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> James and I often have guests at the Carolina  who ask about hikes in the mountains near our Asheville, NC Bed and Breakfast, and  we will sometimes send them to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Craggy Gardens.  It’s a pleasant … Continue reading

Making Plum Chutney in Asheville, NC!

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>  From 1990-1997,  James and I lived in a small town in England.  We rented a beautiful old house which, in the way of English country houses, was known by its name rather than a street number.  How it used … Continue reading

WNC Chef Challenge Semi-Final in Asheville, North Carolina

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> Well folks, we’ve made it about as far as we can go this year with this one.  I’ve been to first round challenges, quarterfinal challenges and finally to the semi-finals.  I’ve eaten good food, bad food and in-between food, … Continue reading