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Happy Halloween in Asheville, North Carolina

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>Asheville, like every other town, city and village in the United States, is dressed up and ready to go for Halloween. So I thought I would share these images with you of the houses around us. In day and night! … Continue reading

A Day Off: Touring Western North Carolina

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>Recently, one of our guests at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast told us about a great book called Touring the Western North Carolina Backroads, that contains a number of less traveled routes which one can take to explore the countryside … Continue reading

The Harvest Continues: Fried Green Tomatoes at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast

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>As our first frost was threatening the other night, I found myself in the garden at dusk, picking tomatoes and peppers with wind-chilled fingers. It brought back pleasant memories of my childhood in Connecticut when my mother would send me … Continue reading

October in Asheville, North Carolina: Pumpkins, People and Chimney Swifts

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>We turned the fireplaces on last night at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast in Western North Carolina. Isn’t that an interesting phrase: “turned the fireplaces on”? Considering the age of this house and that the original fireplaces were coal-burning, how … Continue reading