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>January at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast

Posted on by Susan Murray

>It’s January in Asheville and things are slow at the Carolina Bed & Breakfast. After the excesses of the past month, people seem to rest at home instead of venturing out to explore new places or revisit old favorites. It’s a shame, really. This is a wonderful time to see Western North Carolina. Thanks to this year’s winter weather, the mountains are covered with snow and the ski slopes are going strong. Inside the Carolina, our house is warm and cozy. The restaurants are offering special deals in hopes to lure you in and, if you don’t mind the cold, the walk home from the city to our Bed & Breakfast, is a romantic stroll down winter streets with the lights of the houses shining out on snow-covered lawns.

As innkeepers, we use the slow winter days and nights to refresh our rooms and ready them for the busier days of spring and summer. We try to be unobtrusive about this so the occasional guest is not inconvenienced. (And the Carolina needs some loving care. She is an old house with beautiful bones and the winter facelift is important for her!)
Consider a visit to Asheville in January or February. We might surprise you!
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  1. Victorian inn bed and breakfast says:

    >January is very good time to visit Carolina Bed & Breakfast and you can make your time romantic.

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