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>A Thanksgiving Story

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>This is not a story about being thankful (although I have much to be thankful for).In fact, it doesn’t really have much to do with Thanksgiving but I wanted to share a smile and a laugh with you on this … Continue reading

>Asheville Restaurant Reviews: Part 2

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>My mother-in-law and her daughter recently drove down from Wisconsin to visit us and see the Carolina Bed & Breakfast. It’s a long drive and they were pretty tired when they got here. As we were in the middle of … Continue reading

>Carolina Bed & Breakfast: The Great Move In

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> Here’s the scene: Date: Monday, November 16 Time 12 Noon Location: Carolina Bed & Breakfast Asheville, NC Cast of Players: 2 Inn Owners 1 Assistant Innkeeper 6 Roofers 4 Moving Men 2 Mattress Delivery men 1 Fedex Delivery Truck … Continue reading

>Restaurant Reviews–Asheville NC, part I

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>I may have mentioned this before but we are closed next week so that we can get a new roof put on and move in some of our furniture and artwork from overseas. This means a lot of mess and … Continue reading

>Shopping in Asheville,NC

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>I am officially in trouble. The autumn rush has slowed down and I found myself with some free time this afternoon. My oldest daughter’s birthday is over Thanksgiving weekend so I thought to myself it would be a good time … Continue reading

>More to do in Asheville, NC

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>October is over and along with the disappearing leaves, the tourists have fallen off as well. It’s a shame really as winter in Asheville offers quite a bit to do. But I am not complaining as it means that I … Continue reading